Steve & Marie Day

We are a Sydney based couple having recently retired from busy corporate life. Looking for a mountains retreat for a weekend away,  we stumbled upon “Harry's Lookout” and liked it so much,... we bought it!!!

After sharing this unique property with friends and family, we decided to turn it back into a Holiday-Let property so others could also enjoy the wonderful mountains experience. Harry's Lookout became so popular with visiting guests due to its location, unique features and character, that we could not accommodate the demand for people wanting to stay... and we kept saying to ourselves, “what we need is another Harry's Lookout”.

To increase the sleeping capacity of Harry's Lookout, we decided to develop a self-contained studio downstairs and so we tracked down Vince Tassiello, the original builder to see if he had some original plans of the house to help us with the development. During our discussions with Vince, he asked us if we might be interested in purchasing another property as he was intending to sell one of his houses in Leura. A quick site inspection was all it took, the Leura house was almost identical to Harrys Lookout! The rest  is history, we renamed the property “Highlands at Leura” and Harry's and Highlands became “Sisters”! (we even developed a downstairs studio at Highlands to keep the properties the same)

We love sharing our properties with folk from all over the world and we get so much joy reading the messages left in the guest books and on-line, knowing that we have been able to bring happiness and relaxation to all who stay at Harry's and Highlands.....